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The most affordable prices in the market, You pay less for a comprehensive and simpler process

our pricing structured is based on number of Service Users. You may try the solution and pay nothing during the 14-day trial.

  • Our price is based on a low charge per Service User
  • Payment is based on a monthly subscription
  • A 3-month notice period only is required.
  • Our service is suitable for companies of all sizes
  • Unlimited number of users, staff or clients
  • Onbording and manager training charges may apply depending on volume
  • Online and phone support - No hidden charges

Features included in the price

Shift management

Easily create shifts based on agreed care plan, Allocate staff based on availability, Save time and money

Time off & Availability

The system automatically works out the approved time-off when planning shifts, and shows a visual marker against staff names

Reporting & Analytics

Run reports to help you assess and manage the health of your business

Client portal

Client or family member get access via a dedicated portal to view schedules of workers reports

Shift monitoring

Realtime alert service including no shows, to help managers monitor services rendered at every level

App and worker's portal

Staff get notifications of their schedule via a dedicated app or portal. They can use it to clock in / out.

Compliance & Risk assessment

Monitor all compliance steps including training requirements, with automated reminders on due dates.

Mileage computation

The system computes mileage based on location technology, saving managers another worry.

Care Plan & Self-Assessment

Record your client care plan and run self-assessment report to verify the level of care provision

    We collect direct debits around the 6th of every month. The first payment is due just before the first training date. Please read our Terms & Conditions and set up your Direct Debit mandate on GoCardless.

    Agree to NDA and Terms And Conditions

    Estimated Price

    The minimum start-up price is £35 (+VAT), with unlimited staff, carers or service users. Compute your estimated hours per month then sign-up. The hourly rate is on a PAYG basis, starting only when you reach 2000 hours per month. This price is valid only for the UK. All other countries should contact us directly.
    Unlimited number of admin staff & carers
    Unlimited number of service users / clients
    Above 20000 hours, contact us.

    Resellers Section

    There is no doubt that we are involved in and industry that is likely to sustain itself for a for sometime to come. There is the added benefit that we are proposing a useful service. Our solution enables some elements of remote working and we will continue to improve in that area.

    Behind every single click on ISTAFFROTA, someone’s care is taking place, and we are proud to be enablers / facilitators of such activities.

    Before you consider signing up, here are a few statistics to bear in mind:

    • The U.K home healthcare market size was valued at USD 1,192.6 Million in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 1,951.7 Million by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR Of 6.4% in the forecast period (2019-2026)(Source: Fortune Business Insights).
    • Global Home Healthcare Software market size was valued at $6.56 billion in 2019, and it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 9.32% during 2020-2025 (source: Industryarc)
    • According to World Bank, the elderly population across the world have been increased from 625.39 million to 697.96 million during 2016-2019 period. Adoption of home healthcare software solutions with increasing elderly population drive the market growth. Growing smartphone penetration and increasing trend of home healthcare when compared to conventional clinics with increasing investments is set to drive the market growth

    We provide a useful service in an industry that is likely to grow, and we do it with passion and care. We would like resellers that are committed to the same cause to join us. You will have an advantage if you are already operating within the care sector, have customers and a good list of contacts in the Home Care sector particularly.

    Today we work with two types of resellers:

    Introducers: These are those that simply introduce our products and services to their contact lists, and we do the rest. We conduct the demo, induction and manage the process to Live status.

    Engaged Resellers: These are those that would like to be more involved. They will not only introduce but conduct a demo, then we take over for the induction and training, and manage the account to Live status. We will supply them with a demo account and provide the necessary training to a demo proficiency level.

    Remuneration: Our remuneration package is generous and recompenses the resellers with commission ranging between 10% - 40% of sale price.

    To know more or enrol, contact us by email: